Integrated Graphics Performance

Good news for gamers: the A8-7600 outpaced the higher clocked A10-6800K in Company of Heroes 2 with a frame rate of 24.5fps at 1280x800 on medium. Hardly record-setting, but we'll take a 10% boost over the A10-6800K.

With 25fps at 1280x800, the A8-7600 was 9% faster than the A10-6800K and 14% faster than the Intel Core i5-4430 in Metro: Last Light.

The A8-7600 came second to the higher clocked A10-6800K in Hitman: Absolution, though keep in mind it was armed with higher clocked DDR3 memory that gives it a distinct advantage. Still with an average of 34.5fps, the A8-7600 was 57% faster than the Core i5-4430.

Tomb Raider shows similar performance trends to those in Hitman, though with the low quality pre-set we are seeing much higher frame rates. At 63.4fps, the A8-7600 was just 8% slower than the A10-6800K and 32% faster than the Core i5-4430.

When testing BioShock Infinite, the A8-7600 averaged 43.3fps, 2% slower than the A10-6800K but 44% faster than the Core i5-4430.

As we've seen all along, the A10-6800K is only a fraction faster than the A8-7600 despite its huge frequency advantage in both the CPU and GPU department, not to mention its faster DDR3 memory. With 32.6fps, the A8-7600 was 74% faster than the Core i5-4430.