Application Performance

As we saw when running PCMark's office applications test, the A8-7600 doesn't perform well in this productivity software. When running our own Excel 2013 MonteCarlo test we find the same thing, as the A8-7600 was only able to match the old A10-5800K.

Our custom PowerPoint 2013 workload gave similar performance trends to those in Excel with the A8-7600 matching the A10-5800K while being 12% slower than the A10-6800K.

The A8-7600 produced 11282 MIPS in our 7-zip benchmark, which was a fraction faster than the A10-5800K and 11% slower than the A10-6800K.

The WinRAR compression test didn't go well for the A8-7600 as it was 11% slower than the old A10-5800K and 21% slower than the A0-6800K.

Photoshop CS6's performance wasn't bad though with the A8-7600 taking 42.3 seconds to complete the load when set to the 65W and 50.1 seconds in the 45W mode. At 42.3 seconds the A8-7600 was 10% faster than the A10-5800K but 14% slower than the A10-6800K.

InDesign users won't be impressed with the A8-7600 as it took 7.77 seconds to complete the workload using its 65W mode, or 27% slower than the old A10-5800K and 37% slower than the A10-6800K.

The A8-7600 performed well in After Effects CS6, however, with a workload time of 205 seconds, 2% slower than the higher clocked A10-6800K.