Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark

AS SSD Benchmark shows similar sequential read performance to CrystalDiskMark, though the Plextor M6e didn't reach 700MB/s this time.

The sequential write performance is much the same as in CrystalDiskMark with the Plextor M6e beating the SATA SSDs while the M6S and M6M couldn't quite keep pace with the other high-end 2.5" SATA SSDs.

The Plextor M6e matched the OCZ Vector 150 in the 4K-64 thread read test with 381MB/s. Meanwhile the M6S and M6M delivered below average performance with slightly less than 230MB/s.

The performance trends in the 4K-64 thread write test are in line with those seen in previous tests.

The M6e's read access time was impressive at just 0.043ms. The M6S and M6M were also impressive taking around 0.050ms.

The write access time was also impressive as the M6e took just 0.052ms and the M6S and M6M just 0.060ms.