Benchmarks: Atto Disk Benchmark

When working with 1K data, the Plextor M6e delivered 75MB/s and the M6S and M6M a rather snappy 63MB/s. Those are the highest 1K read results we have ever received from an SSD of any kind as the OCZ RevoDrive 350 managed just 26MB/s. The next fastest SSDs were the SanDisk Extreme II 240GB and Samsung SSD 840 Pro 512GB with 55MB/s.

Plextor's SSDs were at the top of their game when working with 2K data as well and the M6e remained strong as the data increased beyond 8K, though the performance of the M6S and M6M became more typical.

Atto Disk Benchmark's write performance turned out quite average for the M6S and M6M, nothing like their read performance, while the M6e was slower than the SanDisk Extreme II 240GB for the most part.