Benchmarks: Real-World Applications

We've typically found that the fastest 2.5" SATA SSDs take around 95 seconds to install Red Orchestra 2 while the PCIe RevoDrive 350 offers a time of 80 seconds. Given the average file transfer performance of Plextor's SSDs, the M6S and M6M blew us away with 91-92 seconds to complete the install for the fastest 2.5" SSDs we have tested to date. The M6e also scored well with a time of just 88 seconds.

The virus scan results were even more impressive. First up, the Plextor M6e's 31 seconds was only a few seconds slower than the quad-controller RAID0 RevoDrive 350 while being 12 seconds faster than the fastest 2.5" SSD we had tested until the M6S and M6M came along. The M6S took just 33 seconds, 10 seconds better than the OCZ Vector 150 and numerous others.