Benchmarks: CrystalDiskMark 3.0

Although we didn't see it in the file transfer tests, the Plextor M6e can hit 700MB/s, that said this is sequential performance. The Plextor M6S and M6M both managed 500MB/s which is about as fast as modern SATA SSDs get.

The Plextor M6e sequential write performance was also very strong at 580MB/s. The Plextor M6S and M6M delivered average performance with the M6S hitting 440MB/s which is comparable to the Samsung SSD 840 Pro but around 50MB/s slower than the fastest SATA SSDs.

The M6e managed to outpace all the SATA SSDs in random 512K read performance while the M6S and M6M again delivered average performance.

The random 512K write performance of the Plextor M6e was strong with a throughput of 563MB/s and the M6S and M6M did relatively well with the former reaching 413MB/s.

The random 4K-QD32 read performance wasn't nearly as strong as we expected as the Plextor M6e only matched the Samsung SSD 840 Pro making it almost 100MB/s slower than the OCZ Vector. The M6M and M6S were slightly slower again, but given that they were roughly in line with the Samsung SSD 840 Pro and SanDisk Extreme II, their performance was more commendable.

The 4K-QD32 write performance saw the Plextor M6e and M6S deliver roughly the same performance while the M6M was around 10MB/s faster. Overall, the performance was average from all three Plextor SSDs.