Benchmarks: File Copy Test

Surprisingly, the Plextor M6e only managed a throughput of 280MB/s in our single large file copy test. That's a long way off the claimed performance and it means this PCI Express SSD was slower than many of the 2.5" SATA SSDs that we have tested in the past. The Plextor M6S and M6M also displayed average performance, delivering roughly 210MB/s, or about as fast as the old OCZ Octane and Vertex 4 SSDs, yet slower than the Crucial m4.

The Plextor M6e looks better in our program copy test with 224MB/s, and although it was faster than the 2.5" SSDs here, it only beat the Vertex 450 by 17MB/s. The Plextor M6M and M6S both delivered average performance again.

The M6e managed to beat all the 2.5" SSDs in our game copy test, though it was only 3MB/s faster than the Samsung SSD 840 EVO 1TB. Unfortunately, the M6S and M6M provided below average performance this time.