Application Performance

The 400MHz clock speed advantage accounted for very little when testing with Excel 2013, as the A10-7800 was just 0.1 seconds faster than the A8-7600. Still that was enough to match the Pentium G3220.

The AMD A10-7800 was 0.2 seconds faster than the A8-7600 when testing with PowerPoint 2013.

The A10-7800 produced a total of 11289 MIPS, which is virtually the same result that we received from the A8-7600. Still it makes both APUs faster than the Core i3-4130.

The A10-7800 also matched the performance of the A8-7600 in Mozilla's Kraken javascript based browser benchmark.

As was the case with 7-zip we see very little difference in performance between the A10-7800 and A8-7600 in WinRAR's compression test.

The A10-7800 delivered a noteworthy 7% performance gain over the A8-7600 in Adobe's Photoshop CC.

Despite an impressive gain in Photoshop CC we find much the same performance from the A10-7800 as the A8-7600 in InDesign CS6. This meant that the A10-7800 was 65% slower than the Core i3-4130 in this test.

Despite getting crushed by the Core i3-4130 in InDesign, it managed to match it in After Effects CS6.

The A10-7800 took 7 seconds to complete the Illustrator CS6 workload, which was just 0.1 seconds faster than the A8-7600.