Discrete GPU Gaming Performance

These results have been recorded using the Radeon R9 280X graphics card and therefore each chip's integrated graphics is not being used.

The A10-7800 is just a fraction faster than the A8-7600 at 1680x1050, delivering one extra frame. There is only 100MHz standing between the maximum turbo frequency of the A10-7800 and A8-7600, so when the CPU becomes the bottleneck in games it is likely they will produce similar results just as we have seen in Watch Dogs.

The A10-7800 is able to pull away from the A8-7600 in Thief, providing 26% more performance at 1920x1200. Despite that, it was still 33% slower than the Core i3-4130.

When testing Company of Heroes, the A10-7800 delivers 13% more performance than the A8-7600 at 1920x1200. Unfortunately, it is again 31% slower than the Core i3-4130.

In Hitman: Absolution, the AMD A10-7800 averaged 42fps at 1920x1200, making it 11% faster than the A8-7600 but still 16% slower than the Core i3-4130.

The A10-7800 averaged 37fps at 1920x1200 when testing with Arma 3 – 16% faster than the A8-7600 yet 37% slower than the Core i3-4130.