IGP Gaming Performance

The following tests have been conducted using each chip's integrated graphics while the Radeon R7 250 and R7 240 cards have been included for comparison purposes.

Despite featuring a more advanced version of the Radeon R7, the A10-7800 was no faster than the A8-7600 in Company of Heroes 2.

The A10-7800 was able to provide a few extra frames in Metro: Last Light, beating the A8-7600 by a 13% margin.

This time the A10-7800 was just 6% faster than the A8-7600 at 1280x800, delivering a total of 36.6fps.

The A10-7800 averaged 68.4fps at 1280x800 in Tomb Raider, making it 8% faster than the A8-7600.

This time we saw a 13% performance improvement when comparing the A10-7800 to the A8-7600.

As was the case with Company of Heroes 2, we find almost no difference in performance between the A10-7800 and A8-7600 in Arma 3, likely due to both these games being extremely CPU-dependent.