Benchmarks: 1366x768 and 1680x1050

Unsurprisingly, most modern GPUs hit the game's 60fps cap at 1366x768. The first GPUs we see dip below 60fps included the HD 7950 and GTX 760, though both average 59fps.

For playable performance an average of 30fps is required, though the game feels much better at 40fps or more and for that you'll need the GTX 650 Ti or 560 Ti, while the HD 7850 managed 51fps. The only cards to dip below 30fps were the HD 7770, 7750 and R7 250.

At 1680x1050 we find some interesting results as there is quite a large gap between the GPUs that reached the 60fps cap and those that didn't. The R9 285 and GTX 660 Ti were limited to 46fps, while the HD 7950 and R9 270X were just 1fps slower with 45fps. The GTX 760 also achieved 47fps for just 1fps more than the R9 285.

This time the GTX 560 Ti averaged just 30fps while the GTX 650 Ti dropped to 28fps. Beyond that, the game became unplayable with the R7 260X delivering just 26fps and the HD 7790 reaching only 24fps.