Benchmarks: 1920x1080, 2560x1600

Fewer GPUs reach the 60fps cap when playing at 1920x1080. From AMD, gamers will require the R9 290 or 290X for a constant 60fps, while Nvidia users will get away with the GTX 780. Falling just short of 60fps was the GTX 770 with 58fps, followed by the HD 7970 GHz Edition with 54fps.

Again we see a heap of mid-range AMD cards all bunched together as just 3fps separates the R9 270X and R9 285, with another three GPUs squeezed in-between them. Still the R9 270X did deliver 40fps, so it was able to provide playable performance. Meanwhile the HD 7850 averaged just 33fps, while the GTX 660 and GTX 750 Ti dropped to 29fps.

At 2560x1600 no single GPU is capable of reaching the 60fps cap using the ultra-quality settings with 4xMSAA and SSAO+. The GTX 980 makes the best attempt with 51fps, while the GTX 970 was slightly slower with 47fps. The R9 290X trailed the GTX 970 by 1fps, while the 290 was another 4fps slower.

The GTX 700 series GPUs were surprisingly slow at 2560x1600 as the GTX 780 Ti fell 4fps behind the R9 290 and 8fps behind the R9 290X. Meanwhile the GTX 780 was just 1fps faster than the HD 7970 GHz Edition, a card that averaged just 32fps.

It's clear that those gaming at high resolutions will want one or more of AMD or Nvidia's latest enthusiast cards.