Memory Bandwidth Performance

It's no secret that the AMD FX series lacks the firepower of Intel's solutions when it comes to memory bandwidth. Even the Core i3-4360 has a little over 20% more memory bandwidth at its disposal than the FX-8320E. Overclocking the FX-8320E didn't help either, which we admit to being a little surprised about.

Comparing the FX-8320E to the slightly more expensive Core i5-4430 seems like an unfair fight as the Intel processor boasts a 65% memory bandwidth advantage reaching 29GB/s.

The AMD FX-8320E also seems woefully inadequate when measuring L2 and L3 cache performance, falling well behind the Core i3-4360, particularly when comparing L1 cache performance. Overclocking the FX-8320E helped a lot, putting its L2 performance almost on par with the Core i5-4430, though its L1 performance was still only able to match the Core i3.