Gaming Performance (Low-res Settings)

The FX-8320E delivered a dismal 37.6fps when running Company of Heroes 2 at 1366x768 with a GeForce GTX 980 -- 43% slower than the Core i3-4360's 66fps.

The FX-8320E also struggled in Metro Redux at 13% slower than the i3-4360 and it was still 7% slower once overclocked.

When testing Hitman Absolution the FX-8320E was 22% slower than the i3-4360 and it wasn't until we overclocked it to 4.6GHz that it was able to match the Core i3.

The FX-8320E was 8% slower than the i3-4360 in Tomb Raider and the 4.6GHz overclock was only able to reduce that to a 3% margin.