Imagine being able to easily create your own convincing 3d artwork. You don't need to take any special courses or read any complicated books. Perhaps you have a scene in your mind that you'd like to create.

Choose your 3D subjects and their virtual environment, and then let DAZ Studio fill in the rest for you. Or, perhaps you've found an interesting 3D character that you enjoy and would like to build a scene around it.

Either way, DAZ Studio can be the means to bring everything together into a stunning representation of your limitless imagination.

DAZ Studio is a free software application that allows you to easily create beautiful digital art. DAZ Studio can be used to load in people, animals, vehicles, buildings, props, and accessories to create digital scenes.

DAZ Studio includes two pre-configured scenes ready for you to Load & Render within DAZ Studio. Just double-click on the scene thumbnails inside of DAZ Studio, and everything will come on screen posed, lit, and ready for you to create a stunning digital image.

Improved Render Engine

DAZ Studio is now compatible with version 8.5 of the powerful 3Delight render engine. Improved performance and memory management reduce render times and handle heavy, complex scenes like never before.

Animate Lite

aniMate Lite takes a "building block" approach to animation. Pre-created animations are broken down into portable and editable chunks (aniBlocks) that can be arranged together into complete animation sequences. You can create complex animations by dragging and stacking aniBlocks into a timeline. You can then re-arrange, add, or delete the aniBlocks until the sequence is just right.

DAZ Studio Features Visual Cues for Cameras, Lights, and Bounding Boxes

Tired of seeing bounding box lines all across your workspace? Wish you could more easily see exactly where the limits of you camera's depth of field were in relation to your subject? Want a better visual cue for the spread angle and falloff of your spotlights? All of this is now a reality in DAZ Studio. Special thanks to Dreamlight Studios for their contributions with these features.

DAZ Studio Features COLLADA Import/Export

This is truly a revolutionary step towards full interoperability between Carrara and DAZ Studio. Now you can export figures, conforming clothing, morphs and scenes from DAZ Studio into Carrara. A key new ingredient to this cross-functionality is support for "sparse morph" data. This allows you to transfer large amounts of morph data within smaller files for greater speed. DAZ 3D pioneered this technology for the COLLADA file format and DAZ Studio is the first application to use this new technique.

Dynamic clothing can also now be exported as part of a COLLADA file using the new "Freeze Simulation" feature. Available as part of the Dynamic Clothing plugin, Freeze Simulation is used to convert dynamic clothing simulations into static morph data. The same data can then be imported into your Carrara scenes.

DAZ Studio Features Figure Mixer

Now you can blend between different figures to create your own unique figures. This tool will not only blend two or more shapes together, but it will also provide a working joint rig and preserve the original morphs of the figure you started from. Mixed figures can be blended via dials/slider as a percentage of each figure loaded. The new figures can then be frozen and saved as part of a DAZ Studio scene file, or exported as a new CR2 file (via CR2 Exporter, sold separately).

DAZ Studio Features Morph Follower

This feature allows you to add support for new figures in old clothing. For example, suppose you have Michael 4 fitting nicely into a suit, but want to dial in "the Freak 4" body morph. If the suit wasn't created with necessary supporting morph targets, then it will not fit around "the Freak 4" morph. But if you use Morph Follower, then the suit can be updated with new morphs automatically fit the unsupported shape. Special thanks to EvilInnocence.

Advance Shaders

Additional Shaders - HDRI, IBL, Ambient Occlusion, Area Lights, Volumetrics, Velvet, Indirect Lighting, Translucency, Layered Anisotropic Specularity, and Sub-Surface Scattering are all included. Special thanks to omnifreaker.

DAZ Studio Features Shader Mixer

Develop your own custom shaders by combining shader building blocks, or "bricks". Shader Mixer allows you to create custom lights, cameras, and surfaces using pre-defined bricks that you combine within a simple node network. Over 90 different bricks are provided including a range of basic bricks such as displacement, diffuse color, noise, random, lighting models, as well as many advanced bricks, such as caustics, occlusion, final gathering, sub-surface scattering, and area lights.

DAZ Studio Features Shader Builder

Shader Builder is built for advanced artists who need a deeper level of control and want to create shaders from scratch. By visually connecting predefined blocks (which coincide with the RenderMan® Interface Specification) and/or custom function/macro blocks that you can build yourself, shader developers can construct custom shaders that take advantage of what the shading language and a RenderMan compliant rendering engine have to offer.

DAZ Studio Features Animation Keyframe Editor

Now you can easily see where your keyframes are. Add, delete, copy, paste and/or move your keyframes around with great visual feedback. All your edits can be saved out into an "aniBlock". You can create aniBlocks from DAZ Studio keyframes as well as bake aniTimelines to DAZ Studio keyframes.

DAZ Studio Features Map Transfer

This allows you to convert a texture from one figure's UV's so that they can be used on another figure's UV's. Now you can use different UV sets on the same figure and/or convert the texture for the new set.

DAZ Studio Features Shader Baker

Shader Baker allows you to bake surface shaders, bump maps, displacement maps and textures into a single image-based texture as if they were already rendered. Create content that will look more accurate in the viewport without the need to render to see its full effect. This tool is especially useful when preparing content to have a final-render look straight out of the box that you can then share or sell to other users who may not have the same advanced shaders you use to make it look its best.

DAZ Studio Features Scripted Renderer

Gain full control of the rendering process. This will allow you to customize your rendering for DAZ Studio scenes. If you're into scripting and are familiar with the RenderMan API, you're going to love this new feature.


  • Power Macintosh 700 MHz (1 GHz or faster recommended).
  • 256 MB RAM min (512 recommended).
  • 50MB free hard drive space for installation (For installation of the free content bundle, we recommend that you have 350 MB of free harddrive space).
  • OpenGL compatible graphics card with at least 128 MB of onboard.
  • Drivers supporting OpenGL 1.1 recommended.
  • NVIDIA GeForce FX series cards highly recommended.
  • ATI Radeon series cards recommended.
  • 32-bit graphics color depth.
  • CD-ROM drive.

What's New:

  • Added Key-frame indicators to time line
  • [33693] Fixed shader mixer to draw bricks and resize correctly
  • [31082] Fixed order of materials in the material preset. Also alphabetized the order of textures in that popup.
  • Fixed #34426, #34513 : Style fixes in timeline – Better keyframe——
  • [34426, #34513] – Style fixes in timeline – Better keyframe visibility, other tweaks.
  • [34424] – Fixed issues with toggling point- and spot-light illumination on/off.
  • OSX fixes to Shader Mixer
  • Altered load behavior to still attempt to load scene if storables are missing.