Using MediaPortal, you can listen to your favorite music and radio; watch your videos and DVDs; or view, schedule and record live TV, much like a digital video recorder such as TiVo, but better. And that's only the basic features.


Unlike many other Media Center programs, MediaPortal was designed especially for Microsoft Windows. Thus, the performance and playback quality is unsurpassed. No additional hardware or commercial software is required.

You can play any file that you can play in Windows. In Windows 7, codecs are included, and supported by MP out of the box. So you do not need to install anything to play all your files.

Hardware and Network

MediaPortal works on many different configurations. You don't need a fancy, expensive system. You can just connect your TV and sound system to your existing PC and be up and running in no time. Simply configure MediaPortal to display on your TV screen.

Use your mouse, a touch screen, keyboard or remote. Display either fullscreen or in windowed mode. It's your choice.

If you prefer, you can set up a separate Home Theatre PC (HTPC) to run MediaPortal, and even connect it to your existing network.

Or, you can configure an advanced network with MediaPortal on the server and as many 'client' PCs as you like. Network architecture is fully supported, so you can stream radio, music, video and live or recorded TV throughout your home.


Most common remotes are supported natively and you can easily configure them however you like. Or, configure MediaPortal to recognize your own remote. You can decide which keys you want to use for which actions.

IR Server Suite (IRSS) expands support to 28 more remotes, from iMON to Wii and MacMini. With IRSS you can create layers for your remote so one key can perform many functions. If you want to press the 'Green Button" and start MP, then use the built in Tray Launcher application. Or, use Translator to create macros for control of other devices, like your Blu-Ray player.

User Interface

MediaPortal provides a variety of options to allow you to customize the interface yourself.

There are two Home Screens: Home and Basic Home. Both can be customized, but BasicHome allows even more flexibility in style and layout and is often used by community skins to support submenus, weather forecasts, RSS feeds and more all on the Home Screen.

Menus and Context Menus are available throughout MediaPortal to allow you to select and even configure options for the window you are viewing.

TV and PVR Support

MediaPortal offers you the most powerful TV Engine and PVR (Personal Video Recorder) available today. You can do everything a TiVO can do, and more, but for free.

There is no limit to the number of TV Cards you can use. A vast array of TV Cards are supported, including analog cards. With a single DVB/ATSC card you can watch and record more than one channel. Cards supporting BDA driver architecture require no configuration.


Over 30 languages are supported by MediaPortal. You don't need to install a separate version or a plugin, just select your language and away you go.

Plugins & Skins

MediaPortal was designed to be extended. There are hundreds of amazing plugins available to do almost anything you can imagine.

Skins are more than just themes. They not only change the look and feel of MediaPortal, but often the way you interact with it. There are dozens of skins available, you are sure to find one that suits your taste.

Plugins and Skins are fully and smoothly integrated into MediaPortal. They can be installed and updated using a common Extensions Installer, and configured using the standard interface.


Installation is very easy with our installer (Deploy Tool). It will check your system and prompt you if any required components are missing or need updating.


Configure all main features, plugins, and skins in a single, easy to use interface. The same interface is used to configure the TV Server and it's plugins. User files, log files and updates to plugins and skins have links for easy access right on the Configuration screen.


Diagnostics are built into MediaPortal - Watchdog will automatically capture log files whenever an error occurs. You can even choose the level of error reporting you wish.

The Debug-Mode shortcut, on the Windows Start Menu, automates the entire procedure, clearing previous logs, starting up MediaPortal collecting logs in debug mode when you exit and storing them in a zip file on your desktop for you to submit in the Forums.

What's New:


  • [MP1-2469] - DetectDrive method obsolete
  • [MP1-4086] - skin.setstring slows down render process
  • [MP1-4087] - skin.setfocus will not work properly in onfocus handler
  • [MP1-4140] - Moving Pictures - Rating window is missing background
  • [MP1-4199] - Clicking the 'Edit Skin Settings' button in MP Config throws a TvControl exception
  • [MP1-4256] - PInvokeStackImbalance C# call to unmanaged C++ function error after switching to net4
  • [MP1-4267] - MP Keyboard hook method do not work anymore after switch to net4
  • [MP1-4277] - Changing language in MP Config does not clear the cache and leads to font corruption
  • [MP1-4288] - After change views or layouts, current item is not selected
  • [MP1-4292] - Auto3D - ViewModeSwitcher 3D correction
  • [MP1-4293] - Fix some hangs when switch Visualisation in Fullscreen
  • [MP1-4295] - Playing webstreams with gapless playback disabled causes not stopping previous stream
  • [MP1-4298] - Duplicated entries for Music Extensions in MediaPortal configuration
  • [MP1-4299] - Change of Music Visualisation in Fullscreen
  • [MP1-4300] - Titan Basic Home Editor config launcher doesn't know how to recover
  • [MP1-4301] - Use of KNC API DLL causes TV Server crash
  • [MP1-4302] - Powerscheduler registers for PBT_POWERSETTINGCHANGE event
  • [MP1-4304] - User group thumb change is not possible in VideoDb configuration
  • [MP1-4305] - WM_POWERBROADCAST messages are handled incorrect
  • [MP1-4306] - Fix LastFMScrobbler website announcements
  • [MP1-4309] - Avoid loading mediainfo multiple time when starting video
  • [MP1-4310] - Last.FM Radio next stream is not played and fix exception
  • [MP1-4312] - Fix MP crash when MediaInfoWrapper scan a wrong video files.
  • [MP1-4316] - Bump version number for MP 1.6.0 Final
  • [MP1-4317] - Mouse rework to fix some timeout cursor show and hide
  • [MP1-4318] - Titan Extended theme must be disabled when Watchdog (Debug mode) is used
  • [MP1-4319] - Fix null exception in GUITextureManager.cs
  • [MP1-4325] - Fix MP crash when close Bass_Vis need to be destroy
  • [MP1-4326] - LastFMScrobbler is enabled by default


  • [MP1-4278] - Show PowerScheduler Client Plugin in Configuration Standard Mode
  • [MP1-4311] - Change log level in MediaInfoWrapper from info to debug
  • [MP1-4323] - Tagreader should recognize m4b as Audio File

New Feature

  • [MP1-4285] - Auto3D - Switch sides for reverse 3D movies


  • [MP1-4272] - Update ffmpeg for better thumbnail reliability