CoolNovo is based on the Chrome kernel but with improvements in several areas like tabs and privacy.


  • Double click tab to close page
  • Mouse Gestures
  • IE Tabs
  • Super drag
  • Download tools supported in context menu.
  • Sidebar
  • Password Manager

What's New:

  • [New]Update the Chromium version to 27.0.1453.110.
  • [New]Improve the IE mode.
  • [New]Improve the downloader, add the "open when done" in the context menu of the task.
  • [New]Improve the New Tab Page: about the thumbnails and UI.
  • [New]Change the style of mode switch button: from word to icon.
  • [Bug fixed]Can't open the link in the pops of some extensions.
  • [Bug fixed]The extension "auto refresh" can't work.
  • [Bug fixed]About the zh-TW translation.
  • [Bug fixed]"Delete download history on exit" can't work.
  • [Bug fixed]About instant.
  • [Remove]Remove builtin adblock, we recommend the extension "AdblockPlus" to you.
  • [Remove]Remove the sidebar, the extensions on which will appear on the toolbar.
  • [Bug fixed]About instant.