- Registry Backup 1.8.0 - Registry Backup is a free backup tool that will use the Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service to backup your system registry.

April 21, 2014
Windows (all)
3.9 MB
4.2 / 5    (5 votes)
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  • The program is 100% free.
  • One click backup and restore.
  • Can restore from Windows Safe Mode.
  • Portable version can be ran from a thumb drive and keep backups of multiple systems.
  • Automatic cleanup of older backups.
  • Set and control scheduling options.
  • Can backup & restore all user profiles on the system, not just the ones that are currently loaded.
  • Control which registry files are backed up or restored.
  • Detailed logs are saved with each backup.
  • Multiple easy restore options.
  • Online videos showing how to use the program and how to use the different restore options.

What's New:

  • Added a new option to change all the program colors (under the settings tab). The user can now control the colors of the program and even save their color layout as a preset. This is very helpful for colorblind, or hard of seeing users or just users who don't like my default colors :-)
  • Changed the default colors of the program. Replaced the green text with a easier to read color. Also change the button colors to stand out more and multiple other changes.
  • A large amount of interface and layout changes.
  • The tree views now show the current size of each registry file.
  • When using the fallback backup method the program now logs the size of the registry files that have been backed up.
  • 6 variables are now supported in the backup location path.
  • Program now supports 2 more command line options (Use only one at a time) -DeleteSchedule and -CreateSchedule. You can now have the program auto create the schedule to do a backup at startup and also remove it.
  • The program now leaves a message window open if the backup fails or has errors when run from a schedule or a command line.
  • Multiple code changes and improvements.