ArsClip 4.19

ArsClip is a freeware utility for the windows clipboard. ArsClip monitors the clipboard and keeps track of the entries.

July 15, 2014
Windows (all)
2.0 MB
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Pasting is done by using a triggered popup window. This window can be triggered by a hotkey, holding right-click, a special trigger window, and other methods.

ArsClip used to be barebones, but I think I can safely say that it has become a nicely featured and highly configurable program, due to user feedback.

Delphi 6 (Personal) source code is included - modify it freely for any non-profit use. NOTE: The newer versions are compiled with Turbo Delphi for Win32.


  • Multiple Permanent Clip groups
  • Picture, RichText, File Copy, Unicode, HTML support
  • Copy and paste automation support using Permanent Clips
  • Highly configurable
  • Win7 Jumplist support

What's New:

  • Added beta version 4.18
  • Fix:(Clipboard Bar)
    • visibility issues
  • Fix:(Misc)
    • icon load issue at startup on some systems
  • Fix:(Removed Clips)
    • cache issue after reindexing
    • Recently Removed not always emptied when flushed