Unified Folders and Account Groups

Postbox lets you combine messages from multiple accounts into one Inbox. Accounts can also be organized into Account Groups, so you can keep your work and personal accounts separate. No other email application gives you this level of organization and control!

Focus Pane

The Focus Pane lets you break your Inbox (and workload) into smaller, more manageable chunks. Easily organize the Focus Pane by your highest work priorities such as projects, clients or events then focus in on these messages without losing track of what's happening elsewhere.

Automagic Tagging

Postbox Topics lets you organize your messages by keyword. A topic can be anything a project, person, company, event, or even priority. When you assign a topic to a message, it is also applied to other messages within the conversation, in addition to all future replies a huge time saver. Combine the use of Topics with the Focus Pane to attain a state of organizational bliss.

Summarized Replies

Postbox's Conversation View simplifies message viewing, and now, "Summarize Mode" extends these benefits to message Replies and Forwards. Summarize automatically creates clean and beautifully formatted who-said-what-when email that lets message recipients jump into discussions with more clarity, context and insight. Your messages will look smarter and you will too!

Awesome Features for Gmail

Postbox takes full advantage of Gmail accounts through native Gmail Label support, a dedicated view for "Important" labels, Send and Archive functions, support for Gmail keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to convert detected dates to Google Calendar events.

Document and Image Views

Can't find the document or photo? no worries! Postbox gives you fast access to documents and images hiding within your email messages no more digging through email messages to find what you need! And once you've found what you're looking for, Postbox lets you save or send the file with just one click. What could be easier?

Quick Move

With Quick Move, you can file messages without using your mouse. Just type the letter "v", enter the first few letters from the target folder, and the message will file to your auto-completed selection. The Quick Move panel defaults to the last used folder for even faster filing. Quick Move is the secret sauce to Inbox Zero.

Quick Reply

Quick Reply lets you reply to a message without the need to open a separate compose window, which is perfect for short, snappy responses such as "I'll see you at eight," or simply "thanks!" And it all happens inline within a message or conversation, so that you can get right back to what you were doing.

To-Do Tagging

A new To-Do View lets you work on important tasks without distraction. Create new to-dos, annotate existing to-dos, and pin to-dos to the top of your message list so that they don't fall out of sight, out of mind. Combine the To-Do View with Unified Inboxes/Folders and the Focus Pane to crunch through To-Dos in record time.

Socially Connected

Postbox pulls in profile photos from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gravatar and the Address Book to add a personal touch to your messages. The Inspector Panel automatically displays job titles and company names from LinkedIn, and provides quick and easy access to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profile pages. You can also use Postbox to update your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn status without having to visit those sites.

Canned Responses

What can we say... Canned Responses are awesome! Reply to messages with pre-built templates that save you time and effort. These are super useful for replying to common inquiries, like requests for product info or pricing. If you run your own business, Canned Responses is a must have feature.