It has plugin support and is managed completely through a web UI. It is managed through a web interface which is based on the excellent uTorrent Web UI. Designed for power users, Hadouken has native plugin support and can be customized to do almost anything from sending emails on various events to unpacking files, move them around, mount images, poll RSS feeds etc.


  • Self-hosted web management interface.
  • Extremely powerful plugin API.
  • HTTP API for remote management.
  • Comes bundled with a bunch of useful plugins.

What's New:


  • Total downloaded/uploaded in torrent details view.
  • Ratio in torrent details view.
  • ETA in torrent list.
  • Switched to Nowin, a pure socket-based HTTP server. No more http.sys. (#69)
  • UI shows if a torrent has an error.
  • Support renaming individual files within a torrent.
  • Hadouken now has its own peer ID (HA) and user agent.


  • Saving resume data every five minutes to fix persisting issues if Hadouken crashes.
  • RSS downloader fixed to support magnet links in URLs.
  • Download/upload rate limits now inputs as kB/s.
  • MSI adds firewall exception.