It has plugin support and is managed completely through a web UI. It is managed through a web interface which is based on the excellent uTorrent Web UI. Designed for power users, Hadouken has native plugin support and can be customized to do almost anything from sending emails on various events to unpacking files, move them around, mount images, poll RSS feeds etc.


  • Self-hosted web management interface.
  • Extremely powerful plugin API.
  • HTTP API for remote management.
  • Comes bundled with a bunch of useful plugins.

What's New:


  • All new directory browsing dialog making it super easy to select folders.
  • Sort field and order is stored in cookie.


  • The list of labels in the "Add torrent" dialog now shows all labels - not just the ones associated with active torrents.
  • When removing a torrent it did not disappear from the list unless force refreshed.
  • The torrent details view had an awful error.
  • A torrent with no size (in metadata mode) shows as "-" instead of "NaN".
  • Updating torrent size in list view.
  • Sorting on queue position now works as expected.
  • Torrent labels where not set in some cases.