AX64 Time Machine is an awesome solution to both novice and advanced PC users. Inexperienced PC users will like the ease of use and seamless automatic backups.

Power users will appreciate the ability to quickly go backwards and forwards to any point in time, safely test any software, undo unwanted system updates, cleanly uninstall any program, easily browse through previous versions of files, and much more.

Ultimate protection for your PC

Time Machine allows you to quickly recover from system crashes, virus infections, disk failures, accidentally deleted files, etc. It securely backs up all your files, and provides efficient means to recover your data.

Very easy to use

Simple and intuitive interface hides all the complexity of the program. It takes literally a couple of clicks to make a backup, or to restore your entire PC to any point in time. You can also effortlessly restore separate files or folders.

Super fast backups and restores

Backing up your drive, or restoring it to an earlier point in time normally takes seconds to a minute, depending on the speed of your drives.

Backup to anywhere

You can backup to virtually any type of storage, including internal, external and network drives. (Cloud backup coming soon)

Set it and Forget it

Automatic backups continuously protect your PC. Smart backup consolidation merges old backups together so you don't deal with overwhelming number of backups.

Travel in time

Easily save multiple states of your PC, and promptly switch between them. Travel backward and forward in time! Invaluable feature for users who try a lot of new software.