Protect your working environment from any disaster! Drive Backup is fully automatic complete and easy solution for hard disk backups, upgrades and cloning. Hot Backup enables you to back up your system without even interrupting Windows. Now backup and restore are more easy tasks than ever before! New Drive Backup supports more technologies and provides more flexibility. With Scheduler built-in utility you can perform regular incremental backup of the most important files. When creating a backup you cannot only compress or split an image, but also place it on almost every partition you have – FAT16/32, NTFS, Ext2/3FS (regardless of which Windows version or DOS you use). You can write image directly on CD/DVD discs, make them bootable; the image will be automatically spanned on multiple discs if necessary. Now there is no need to restore a whole image when only part of it is needed. You can restore the necessary data from backup –separate partitions from hard disk image, separate files or directories from any backup image. Even in situations of an unbootable system you can quickly and easily restore – the bootable CD contains Drive Backup with all its features including accessing FAT, NTFS and Ext2/3FS volumes and CD/DVD drives. With this CD you can make a backup without any installation procedure, even onto CD/DVD discs. Drive Backup is very useful for upgrading and clone tasks as well. You can easily deploy a new hard drive avoiding the tiresome OS installation and adjustment. Simply copy all the data with partitions from your old hard disk to a new one. Our program can dynamically change the size of partitions while copying or restoring them. While copying one hard disk to another you can make the program adjust partitions’ sizes according to hard disks’ sizes, or you can change the size of each partition manually. The product also provides some additional partitioning functionality (copy, create, format, delete and even undelete partitions).

__What's New:__

* New Features:
* New user-friendly user interface.
* New easy-to-use wizard for major backup/restore operations.
* Improved Paragon Hot Backup and Paragon Hot Copy technologies.
* Differential Backup
* Scheduled Backup
* Backup Capsule
* Backup Image encryption and password protection.
* Improved Paragon BTE technology with new graphic user interface.
* Improved and more reliable Recovery Media.
* In-built Volume Explorer
* Easy-to-use Copy and One-Button-Copy Wizards.
* Check image integrity Wizard
* Check Recovery Media Wizard