Full touch screen support

Tap, swipe or slide to perform the tasks you have used a mouse for perfect for your touch-screen PC.

Boost game & app speed

Optimize your favorite games or other frequently used programs for smooth and fast performance.

Receive awards & have fun

Defragging has never been more fun earn tokens, get awards and rise to Supreme Power as you use the app.

Faster e-mailing

Optimize Outlook or your other mail programs to make writing, sending and sorting your mail go faster.

Quicker response

Accelerate response from most of your frequently used software by ensuring faster access to the program's files.

Frequent updates

The list of optimizable programs is constantly updated to include titles that will deliver better if optimized.

Smoother game performance

Optimizing your favorite games reduces lags, improves FPS rates and makes your overall experience smoother.

Support of Steam, Blizzard & more

The program supports optimization of games from Steam, Blizzard and Microsoft Games all your faves!

Speed up any games

Even if your computer is no gaming rig or simply old, you can still make your games run faster on it.