ATI Catalyst Display Driver 9.7 for Windows Vista 64-bit

Date: July 22, 2009
File Size: 58.5 MB
OS Support: Windows Vista 64-bit
Downloads: 331

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Release notes:

The Catalyst™ Software Suite 9.7 contains the following:

- Radeon™ display driver 8.632
- HydraVision™ for both Windows XP and Vista
- HydraVision™ Basic Edition (Windows XP only)
- WDM Driver Install Bundle
- Southbridge/IXP Driver
- Catalyst™ Control Center Version 8.67

New Features:

ATI Catalyst™ 9.7 – AMD’s first official unified Windows7 / Windows Vista Microsoft
WHQL certified graphics driver for the Windows 7 RTM

AMD has delivered its first official unified WHQL certified graphics driver designed for
the Windows 7 RTM (Release To Manufacturing)

ATI Catalyst™ 9.7 delivers a superior Windows 7 experience:
- Great gaming performance – superior performance compared to Windows Vista for single
GPU configurations and ATI CrossFireX™ configurations
- Stability – through AMD’s WHQL certified, unified Windows 7 / Windows Vista graphics
- Leadership in Innovation – support for all the Windows 7 WDDM 1.1 features and AMD
ATI Catalyst features on the ATI Radeon HD 4000 Series, ATI Radeon HD 3000 Series, and
ATI Radeon HD 2000 Series of products

ATI Catalyst™ Control Center Updates

The ATI Catalyst™ Control Center now features:

- A newly designed Desktops & Displays Manager - enabling users to more quickly configure and arrange their displays
- Full support for HydraVision under Windows 7

The new ATI Catalyst™ Control Center is supported under Windows 7 and Windows Vista

ATI Video encoder update – support for Windows 7

- ATI Catalyst™ 9.7 introduces support for the ATI Video converter under Windows 7 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit
- Using ATI Stream technology, owners of ATI Radeon™ HD 4800 Series and ATI Radeon™ HD 4600 Series of graphics cards can take advantage of this video conversion tool (found in ATI Catalyst™ Control Center Basic View) to achieve substantial performance improvements when transcoding video files

Performance Improvements:

Catalyst™ 9.7 brings performance benefits in several cases where framerates are CPU-
limited. Some measured examples are:

- Crysis - performance at very high quality preset increases by up to 8% on HD4800 series products
- Lost Planet Colonies - performance increases by 7-11% when 8x Anti-Aliasing is used on the HD4800 series products

Resolved Issues for All Windows Operating System:

This section provides information on resolved issues in this release of the ATI Catalyst™
Software Suite for all Windows OS. These include:

- Added support for OpenGL extensions: EXT_provoking_vertex and EXT_vertex_array_bgra
- Catalyst Control Center in some multi-display configurations Extend Desktop no longer causes the secondary display to become the primary display
- Catalyst Control Center, "Make Primary" option no longer fails to function in some "Extended Desktop" modes
- Opening Catalyst Control Center no longer results in an error message when using Dual Adapters with a non-ATI ASIC and ATI ASIC
- Catalyst Control Center, HDMI configuration aspects no longer fail to launch on some systems
- Catalyst Control Center hotkeys now toggle through all desktop modes
- Catalyst Control Center: Default HDTV modes can now be enabled properly
- Catalyst Control Center duplicated display options no longeer become available in some multi-adapter configurations
- Interlaced modes can now be applied on HDTV supported DFP panels even when forced via

Catalyst Control Center

- Confirmation dialog box now appears when applying HDTV 720p and 1080i formats; the resolution will be applied automatically
- Catalyst Control Center, add custom modes is now available in the Digital Panel HDTV support page
- Catalyst Control Center Advance Color page, when enabling the advanced color settings the preview window no longer blanks out
- Catalyst Control Center Overdrive Auto-Tune no longer stops responding on some CrossFire configurations
- Catalyst Control Center does not show a "System restart required ... " message for some multi adapter CrossFire configurations
- Catalyst Control Center an additional window no longer appears when running in Wizard mode
- Catalyst Control Center tab is now available in advance Display Settings with Windows 7

Note: Before proceeding with your driver installation we suggest you make sure you are installing the latest version available and for the appropriate model/revision and Operating System. We strongly suggest following 'readme' instructions for installing drivers when available. Often restarting your system will be necessary for the new driver to become active and start functioning properly.

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