ASRock P4S55FX2 Bios 1.3

June 3, 2004
235 KB
Windows (all)
1. With Prescott Celeron 2.8GHz CPU, Windows XP should be installed correctly.
2. CPU Microcode updated.
3. Added BIOS Setup option "Defer Function" with "Auto"(Default), "Disabled", and "Enabled" options for 
   Prescott 2.4 GHz FSB 533 MHz CPU.
4. BIOS file should be updated by FLASH.EXE correctly.
5. With Prescott 2.4 GHz FSB 533 MHz CPU installed, Windows XP should restart correctly.
6. "IDE Driving Strength" option was default changed to "Strong"
Alternative drivers to ASRock P4S55FX2 Bios 1.3: