ATI Mobility Radeon/FireGL drivers (Win98/Me) for IBM Thinkpad

July 1, 2004
18.0 MB
Windows 98/Me
This package provides the display driver for Microsoft Windows 98/Me users. This package enables or updates the display function of the following ThinkPad computers:

- ThinkPad A31, A31p
- ThinkPad T30(*1)
- ThinkPad T40, T41, T42(*2)
- ThinkPadR40(*2)
- ThinkPad X31(*2)

(*1) Only the following T30 models support the Windows Me:
2366/2367-x1x, x2x, x3x, x4x, x5x, A6x, and A7x, except for M1x, M2x, M3x, M4x, and M5x
(*2) Windows Me is not supported.

- Make surethat DirectX 8.x runtime modules have been installed into the system before installing this driver. DirectX runtime modules are available on the Microsoft Web site.
Alternative drivers to ATI Mobility Radeon/FireGL drivers (Win98/Me) for IBM Thinkpad: