This package provides the display driver for Microsoft Windows 98/Me users. This package enables or updates the display function of the following ThinkPad computers:

- ThinkPad A31, A31p
- ThinkPad T30(*1)
- ThinkPad T40, T41, T42(*2)
- ThinkPadR40(*2)
- ThinkPad X31(*2)

(*1) Only the following T30 models support the Windows Me:
2366/2367-x1x, x2x, x3x, x4x, x5x, A6x, and A7x, except for M1x, M2x, M3x, M4x, and M5x
(*2) Windows Me is not supported.

- Make surethat DirectX 8.x runtime modules have been installed into the system before installing this driver. DirectX runtime modules are available on the Microsoft Web site.