ECS NFORCE4-A939(1.0) Bios 1.1g

March 31, 2006
320 KB
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
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What's New:

-Fixed AMD Cool 'n' Quiet function fail on WIN2K OS
-Updates to RAID ROM V5.5
-Supports FX-60 VID for 1.35v CPU
-Fixup system will hang while Setup SATA RAID Enabled
-Supports AMD FX-60 Dual Core processors
-Updated BIOS for AMD new E4 CPU.
-Fixes Patch PCI device just need option resource cannot work.
-Supports Dual Core 3800+ CPU
-Dual Core CPU Support
-Supports Rev.E3 CPU.
Alternative drivers to ECS NFORCE4-A939(1.0) Bios 1.1g: