The Intel(R) Security Driver supports the Intel(R) 810 Chipset family, the Intel(R) 815 Chipset family, the Intel(R) 820 Chipset family, and the Intel(R) 840 Chipset

The IntelŽ Security Driver provides software applications the ability to access the Firmware Hub's hardware Random Number Generator (RNG). Random numbers are a fundamental building block for strengthening and securing the confidentiality of electronic communications. They are a key element of cryptography, digital signing, security protocols, and other enablers of trusted, connected computing.

The IntelŽ RNG provides a convenient and inexpensive way for applications that employ encryption, digital signatures, and other such mechanisms to increase the strength of their security.

NOTE: These materials are intended for use by developers of IntelŽ 810 Chipset Family, IntelŽ 815 Chipset Family, IntelŽ 830 Chipset Family, and IntelŽ 845G Chipset Family based products only. If you are a business user or home PC user using different chipset based products, we suggest you contact your PC manufacturer for driver updates specific to your system.

Supported Intel chipsets:

82802 Firmware Hub

OS Support:

Microsoft Windows* 95, Windows*98, Windows* 2000, Windows NT* 4.0

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