The Intel(R) Security Driver supports the Intel(R) 810 Chipset family, the Intel(R) 815 Chipset family, the Intel(R) 820 Chipset family, and the Intel(R) 840 Chipset

The Intel® Security Driver provides software applications the ability to access the Firmware Hub's hardware Random Number Generator (RNG). Random numbers are a fundamental building block for strengthening and securing the confidentiality of electronic communications. They are a key element of cryptography, digital signing, security protocols, and other enablers of trusted, connected computing.

The Intel® RNG provides a convenient and inexpensive way for applications that employ encryption, digital signatures, and other such mechanisms to increase the strength of their security.

NOTE: These materials are intended for use by developers of Intel® 810 Chipset Family, Intel® 815 Chipset Family, Intel® 830 Chipset Family, and Intel® 845G Chipset Family based products only. If you are a business user or home PC user using different chipset based products, we suggest you contact your PC manufacturer for driver updates specific to your system.

Supported Intel chipsets:

82802 Firmware Hub

OS Support:

Microsoft Windows* 95, Windows*98, Windows* 2000, Windows NT* 4.0

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