Bethesda to release Fallout 3 editor and expansion packs

By Justin Mann on November 25, 2008, 1:16 PM
It appears Bethesda is taking the right steps to embrace the modding community, with recent announcements that the company plans to release developer tools before the end of the year. The official Fallout 3 Creation Kit is supposed to be released next month, completely for free, for both the PC and the Xbox 360. Calling it, aptly enough, the G.E.C.K., Bethesda claims they hope people will create their own add-ons. If the response to the construction kit for Morrowind is any indication of how this will fare, we can expect a tidal wave of user-generated content as time goes on.

Bethesda plans to release additional content for the game as well, in the form of three “content packs,” which will be downloadable add-ons for the game. These are not due until after “G.E.C.K.”, with one pack schedule for released every month for the first three months of next year.

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poundsmack said:
This is good news. I am very happy with fallout 3. I find myself stopping from time to time, while walking in my house, and picking up my beer bottle caps and putting them in my pocket. My girlfriend has asked me a few times why I have started doing that, to which I have responded, "I just stop to look but then out of force of habit I keep hitting E." (this is how you know your girlfriend is a keeper), after a little while she started to learn more about the game and now any time i am sifting through junk in the house for bottle caps she adds, "while your at is hit A and take all that up to the laundry room, nio more selective looting."life is good :)
eafshar said:
lol that's hilariously awesome poundsmack
mcsantorini said:
Can't wait to see what the community cooks up. Should see some great stuff (and some really crappy stuff too).
9Nails said:
Poundsmack - that's a great story! I LOL'ed! :)Sadly and shamefully I must admit that I cheated my way through Fallout 3. "Player.AddItem" is an addictive drug! I felt that if I couldn't tuck a Fireant under my arm as my private little organic flame thrower, then I'd at least give my self more ammo to fend off those wicked insects. But this had the adverse effect of shortening the game play time for me. Especially since I started AddItem'ing Stimpacks and eventually better weapons. I was also desperate to take a car anywhere!So there's three things people can start working on. 1. - vehicles. 2. - micro nuclear fission based weapons what require no ammo. 3. - regenerating body armor (a la Halo) that repairs minor biological damage.
captain828 said:
ahh, but you already have regenerative body armor: the Experimental Medic Power Armor (or at least it says it does that)it even talks to you! ;)I don't remember so well where I found it though... EDiT: ah, in the city of Old Olney (near Vault 92); there is a grating somewhere that collapses when you walk on it, then just enter the door, and you'll find it somewhere in the sewersI have to say it's pretty nifty as it provides Power Armor grade protection and it alerts you with a "Gear up soldier!" when an enemy is about.[Edited by captain828 on 2008-11-25 22:58:47][Edited by captain828 on 2008-11-25 23:00:05]
eafshar said:
omg i have to re-play fallout 3 now.. there are cars? and halo type suits!... and a fission based weapons... i knew i rushed the game. i can say proudly that i didn't cheat tho. but that made the first 10 hours of game play very challenging, specially when i immediately left megaton to the radio station with just a pistol and a couple of rounds.... the game was just survival at the beginning... until i raided tenpenny tower... man there was a lot of caps and stimpacks there.. lol.. im looking forward too see what the modding community is gonna do with the editor.
poundsmack said:
if you really want some fun in the game (and no I am not talking about Nova) ;) try this out, [url][/url]t
e ammo is rather limited but as some others have brought up, add.item can give it more. enjoy :)
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