Mozilla reconsiders Firefox support on Win2K/XP

By Justin Mann on April 15, 2009, 12:16 PM
Microsoft isn't the only one who wants to tuck Windows XP under the rug, it seems. Support issues are among the biggest concerns for any major software vendor, and Mozilla is no exception to that. The Firefox developer has been looking at what it takes to support their popular browser on older operating systems, focusing in particular on Windows 2000 and Windows XP prior to Service Pack 3, and it looks like they may be ready to impose some minimum system requirements.

It isn't all cohesive at Mozilla as there are some dissenters. One of those is the Firefox director, who says that the majority of their users are running Windows XP, and there's no easy way to determine how many of them would be left behind if such a move was made. He did, however, admit that following the release of Windows 7, if enough XP users migrate they would consider dropping support for the aging XP operating system.

There's no immediate action coming from Mozilla, but it is an important topic nevertheless. As one of the most well known and popular products out there, Firefox plays a big part in many people’s computing. Having only extended support from the OS vendor is one thing, but having none from your browser developer, when it is the most common entryway for any malicious activity, is another. If you are resistant to upgrading beyond Windows XP, would losing access to newer versions of programs be enough for you to reconsider?

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janslar said:
XP has been great, but it's time to move on!janslar
windmill007 said:
Well people would move on if there was something to move onto. Looks like with windows 7 there might be an option. Something that actually runs good on older hardware like XP.
Relic said:
This is rather disappointing, while I myself on my main system will be upgrading to Win7 in due time I still run a couple machines with XP that I won't be upgrading. Been using FF since it first came out in 04, I hope they choose to support XP a few more years at least.
Per Hansson said:
Firefox is tipping me off more and more, I've always been a fan of Opera, and have used it as my main browser for atleast 10 yearsAnd still to this day it has support for Windows NT4.0 and Windows95!A tip to Mozilla; Don't become another Microsoft!!![url][/
aolish said:
I'm still using XP. Like Windmill has already said. I would move on if there was something to move onto... and Vista just wasn't it. There wasn't enough compelling reasons to get Vista. Most of the new features are of no use to me. Just the Aero was nice, but that obviously hardly warrants in shelling out 300$ just for that. 7 might just be enough of a reason to upgrade tho. But even then... seriously, what is it about 7 that will benefit me in purchasing such an extremely expensive product?
tengeta said:
Wow... Mozilla get it together. NOW.What in the f*** are they even thinking? "Oh hey, lets hand IE its market back!"
skitzo_zac said:
They have to drop support for it eventually, but right now XP is still way too popular, I think they are making a good move in waiting to see how many people upgrade to Win 7. I personally will be moving to 7 when it is released, I found 7 a lot better than XP when running the beta (build 7000) before.Although this won't affect me as I am an avid Opera user and don't even have FF installed on my machine.
DarkCobra said:
Well I love the FOX and I'm with you guys on this 100%. What the heck are they thinking over there at Mozilla? They receive something like 90% of their funding from Google . . . who is seriously considering breaking away support from Mozilla in order to back Chrome. So Mozilla reacts by seriously considering their own dumping of XP support? Huh?Got news for ya Mozilla . . . if Google takes away your hefty allowance, you are going to need another enormous sugar daddy and fast! My advice to Mozilla . . . start talks right now with Ballmer at MS to be the default browser for them in the future. MS has gotten all the mileage they're gonna get out of IE and they know it. Google backs Chrome . . . MS backs Mozilla. You can sell tickets to this heavyweight fight and I know who my money will be on!
Badfinger said:
I'm not switching my OS without a good reason, show me the compelling reasons to leave XP for Windows 7.... I started using Opera recently as an alternative, because Firefox 3 did not import use my Firefox 2.0.x bookmarks properly and is slower.
deadbeat119 said:
Mozilla will really end up shooting itself in the foot by dropping XP support. I'm sure XP users will be happy to switch over to Google Chrome.
charliej5 said:
I trust that Mozilla will seriously weigh the negatives as well as the positives regarding dropping XP support. Microsoft provided a 5 year window (2014) and Mozilla would be astute to consider doing the same.
avoidz said:
It would be a huge mistake and miscalculation for Mozilla to even consider dropping XP support for Firefox at this point in time. XP still has years of life in it and Firefox shouldn't assume everyone will drop XP and install Windows 7 - particularly after the Vista fiasco.
gunste24 said:
I do hope they keep supporting XP for a couple more years after the introduction of Windows 7.It is a given with me after 25 years of Microsoft OSs, never get one for the first two years, because it is always full of bugs and needs at least SP1 or even SP2 before it is really useful.Windows 3A, ME and Vista are the best reasons.Don't abandon XP. I will se it for another 3-4 years.
bej said:
Just what we all need. Another company looking to cut their costs while at the same time dumping the load on the end user. (shhhh, maybe no one will notice...)We have 10 boxes here, 2 of which run XP, 2 of which run Win 2000, 1 notebook runs Vista because that's the way it came. The rest are Macs or Unix. The W2K boxes are pretty much for Internet use only; the others rarely, if ever, connect. If Mozilla makes this bonehad move, a lot of people will be forced to upgrade their OS at a significant cost; just to remain relatively safe from attack. Just like Apple stopping QT version security updates that will run on W2K. Whatdyathink, we're all in fat city out here!? Also not really happy about being forced to move to SP3 on XP if we don't have to. Not broken...Like others have said, there's other browsers.
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