The Radeon RX 470 should be an exciting product for a few reasons. First, this is an affordable sub-$200 GPU within the reach of most gamers. Coming from the first Polaris 10 board, we expect this to be an extremely capable 1080p gamer while 1440p should also be playable. The RX 470 also only comes in a 4GB version, which I personally feel is the right choice here.

I was a bit letdown with the RX 480 after we were promised a $200 GPU and then ended up with a $240 GPU (for the 8GB model instead of 4GB). Granted $40 isn't a lot, but at this price point it simply isn't worth paying 20% more for double the memory when it won't yeild a single extra frame for gamers targeting 60fps. Don't try to tell me the 8GB model is more "futureproof" either, though I'll be happy to revisit the topic in a year's time.

Anyway, there's no need to argue over which RX 470 version you should buy, because there is just a single option and I feel it offers the most sensible memory capacity for a GPU of its caliber. With that said, let's move on to check out the RX 470 in greater detail...

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