Chieftec Nitro 88+ SPS-750C 750W

  • Chieftec Nitro 88+ SPS-750C 750W
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  • High efficiency, Tight voltage regulation at 12V, Very good performance of 12V in Advanced Transient Response tests, Excellent ripple suppression at 5V and 3.3V


  • Moderate price/performance ratio, 3.3V rail failed in 2nd Advanced Transient Response test, Loose voltage regulation at 3.3V, Mediocre ripple suppression at 12V, Only four Peripheral connectors

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By techPowerUp! on 80

The Nitro SPS-750C left me with mixed feelings. On one hand it showed high efficiency, excellent ripple suppression on the minor rails and tight voltage regulation at +12V. The same rail also performed very well in Advanced Transient Response tests....