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Enthusiast Territory: The most memorable overclocking-friendly CPUs

#ThrowBackThursday Enthusiasts have been pushing the limits of silicon for as long as microprocessors have existed. Early overclocking endeavors involved soldering and replacing crystal clock oscillators, but evolving standards brought options for changing system bus speeds, while some of the most daring would gain boosts through hard modding. These are but a few of the landmark processors revered for their overclocking prowess.

AMD preparing to lay off 20-30% of workforce

Chipmaker AMD is purportedly preparing to lay off up to one-third of its workforce, according to All Things D and its sources familiar with the company's plans. Amongst positions proposed for elimination are sales and engineering -- a category which…

AMD chip owners to get 20% off GameFly's digital downloads

AMD and GameFly have announced a deal that promises discounted games for folks using AMD processors. Gamers with machines powered by "select" Athlon II, Phenom II, FX series and A series chips will receive a free 30-day GameFly membership as well as a 20% discount...