Google doodle articles

Google honors programming pioneer Grace Hopper with Doodle

Google on Monday celebrated the birthday of computer programming legend Grace Hopper with a Google Doodle. Hopper’s contributions to computer science are aplenty but she is perhaps best known for helping co-invent the Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL).

Google remembers Roswell UFO incident with Doodle game

A detailed account of what took place in Roswell, New Mexico, exactly 66 years ago today may never be released to the public but in the meantime, Google is offering up their own explanation in the form of a Doodle…

Google doodle honors Robert Noyce, microchip co-inventor

Robert Noyce, co-creator of what we know today as the microchip, was honored today by another one of Google's whimsical doodles. Other noteworthy individuals celebrated recently by Google have been Marie Curie, Diego Rivera and Mark Twain.

Google Doodle celebrates 144th birthday of Marie Curie

Google is celebrating what would be Marie Curie's 144th birthday today with a pastel-colored "Doodle" on its homepage. The legendary scientist is pictured working in her shed where she made many discoveries during her lifetime.