Oem articles

AMD launches Radeon 300 series rebrands for OEMs

AMD has quietly launched a new range of graphics cards designed for OEMs and system builders that fall under Radeon 300 series branding. Like with the HD 8000 series a couple of years ago, these cards are essentially all rebrands…

Microsoft outlines key steps in creating Surface tablet

As one could imagine, Microsoft faced a number of key challenges during the development of the Surface tablet. According to Surface team leader Panos Panay, Redmond set out with two distinct goals in mind: having the slate ready to ship…

Nvidia quietly launches GeForce GTX 660 for OEMs

Nvidia has quietly released the GeForce GTX 660 graphics card for the OEM market. Like its GTX 660 Ti sibling introduced last week, the GTX 660 OEM is based on the same GK104 core but with 6 SMX units enabled…

AMD launches three entry-level 6000-series OEM cards

AMD has launched three new entry-level graphics cards for system builders: the Radeon HD 6450, 6570 and 6670. All three are based on new 40nm graphics cores with the former being powered by a Caicos chip and the latter two using Turks GPUs.