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Neowin: Steam Machine Review

Neowin: Steam Machine Review

Over 400,000 Steam users were eligible for selection in the Steam Machine beta test. Only 300 were chosen. I never would’ve guessed I’d be one of them as the odds were certainly not in my favor. Being one of the…
Prototype Steam Machine hardware revealed

Prototype Steam Machine hardware revealed

Last week, Valve made three announcements geared towards bringing Steam into the living room, one of which was Steam Machines: a series of gaming machines running SteamOS, produce by hardware partners in conjunction with Valve. In the Steam Universe group…
Valve sets the record straight on Steam Box rumors

Valve sets the record straight on Steam Box rumors

Last week, rumors emerged that game developer Valve was secretly working on their own gaming console platform. This followed shortly after the company's co-founder Gabe Newell was quoted by Penny Arcade as saying: "Well, if we have to sell hardware we…