Black & White Tweak guide


Black & White can take advantage of the features offered by Graphics cards which have Hardware T&L units, so obviously those who own such capable cards will get the greatest performance from Black & White. You can make your initial graphics customizations before loading Black & White. To do so click on Start, Programs, Lionhead Studios Ltd, then the Setup icon.

Direct3D Driver. This setting is mainly for informational purposes, generally serving to let you know that Direct3D is the games renderer. Should you have multiple graphics cards installed, e.g. GeForce & Voodoo 2, you can use this setting to ensure you are using the preferred graphics card for rendering Black & White, i.e. The GeForce in this example.

Resolution. Selecting a lower resolution can improve performance & maintain a stabler, higher frame rate. Although higher resolutions will look better (sharper & less jagged), they generally run slower. This all depends on how slow/fast your system is of course.

Colour Depth. Select 16 Bit Colour for optimal performance, but reduced visual quality (More apparent banding) or 32 Bit Colour for best visual quality (Less apparent banding), although performance will be reduced especially on older graphics cards.

Graphics Detail Level. This option allows you to select pre-defined selections for your graphics settings. Id recommend you ignore this setting altogether & use a Custom setup as described below.

Disable all sound and music. Tick this to setting to disable the in-game audio from playing. This will improve performance significantly, but obviously the game will be completely mute. Leave this setting Unticked to enable the in-game audio being played. You shouldn't have to Tick this setting unless you have a very old soundcard possibly (ISA based).

Disable Internet weather system. This feature is disabled by default. When Unticked this enables local real-world weather in the Single player version of Black & White. This feature has no effect in Multiplayer games. In order to use the Internet weather system you must also have;

A. You must have registered Black & White at

B. You have gone into the Online Game - Find Games on the internet and entered your username & password at least once.

To set your worldwide weather location you'll need to go to & follow the appropriate links.

E-Mail settings. Click this button to setup Black & White to receive email during the game.

Check for Internet e-mail. When Ticked should you receive email from Users on your Contact list you will be notified by villagers with their name whenever you receive an email from them. There is no point in doing this if you aren't connected to the Internet while playing the game all the time, or if you only use Outlook Express for email. Much like the Internet Weather System you will also need to have registered Black & White & attempted playing online once.

Use Outlook instead of POP3. Should you be using Microsoft Outlook (Not Express) as your email client then Tick this setting.

POP3 Settings. In the 3 fields listed here enter in the relevant data needed for checking your email. This may be obtained via your Email client in the appropriate Account fields. Now click Ok.


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