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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : LAN tweak guide

LAN tweak guide
Last Updated on December 02, 1999 by Thomas McGuire
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  • Under the WINS Configuration tab, select Disable WINS resolution if you arenít connected to a Windows Internet Naming service (WINS) resolution. If you are, enter in the required information.

  • Under the IP Address tab choose Specify an IP address & enter your IP address.

  • Under the Advanced tab, put a tick in the Set this protocol to be the default protocol box. Set Allow binding to ATM to No, unless it is required to do so, most should be able to leave this set to No.

  • Under the Bindings tab, tick only the required components.

  • Under the Gateway tab, enter in the gateway address if one is used, e.g. it may be needed to connect the LAN to the Internet.

  • Click Ok to make the changes. Then click Ok once again; you may need your Windows CD in the drive once the changes have been made, to install some things. Re-boot your PC for the changes to take affect.

If you have IPX/SPX-compatible protocol installed, then set it up as follows.

  • Under the NetBIOS tab, untick the box there unless you have chosen to enable File & Printer sharing, then you must put a tick in the, I want to enable NetBIOS over IPX/SPX option.

  • Under the Bindings tab, tick only the required components.

  • Under the Advanced tab, set Source routing to 16. For Frame type select the appropriate choice, if unsure set it to Auto. Set Force even length packets to No or Not present. Leave the others at their default values.

If the PC is connected to the Internet & uses Dial-up adapter set it as follows.

  • Under the Bindings tab, tick as many entries as are required.

  • Under the Advanced tab, for Enable Point to point IP, select Yes.

  • For IP packet size select Large.

  • For Record a log file choose No.

Finally, for Use IPX header compression choose No. If you use the PC for browsing & downloading mainly, then set it to Yes instead. Click Ok once all those changes have been made.


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