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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : Sea Dogs Tweak Guide

Sea Dogs Tweak Guide
Last Updated on January 04, 2000 by Thomas McGuire



Load Sea Dogs & select the Options menu.

Render device. This selects the Display adapter used for rendering Sea Dogs. Generally you cannot change this setting so leave this alone.

Fullscene antialiasing. Tick this setting to enable the use of FSAA (Full scene Anti-Aliasing) on supported graphics cards, such as the Voodoo 5 or Geforce. This can significantly improve graphics quality by eliminating image artifacts such as jagged edges. This page contains screenshots with FSAA On & Off.

Resolution. Selecting a lower setting will improve performance & maintain a stable, higher frame rate. Although, higher resolutions will look sharper, they generally run slower.

Fullscreen. Tick this setting to enable Sea Dogs to run in full screen mode. Seeing as you’ll be running the game with a 3D graphics card you’ll definitely want to leave this enabled.

Low detail textures. Ticking this setting enables the use of lower resolution textures in Sea Dogs. You should only do this if you have a slow system or a video card with 16MB of memory or less. Untick this setting will enable the use of high resolution textures in Sea Dogs, this will provide optimal image quality.

Make sure to take a look at the TNT/GeForce, Voodoo3 or Voodoo4/5 tweaking guide for information on how to optimize the performance/visual quality of those cards. These guides can help you improve image quality/performance even further than in-game tweaks can.


Load Sea Dogs & select the Options menu.

Sound effects. Untick this to setting to disable the in-game audio from playing. This will improve performance significantly, but obviously the game will be muted. Leave this setting Ticked to enable the in-game audio being played. You should have no real reason to Untick this setting.

Sound Volume. Use the slider bar here to set the volume level for sound effects in the game. The further to the right, the louder & vice versa.

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