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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : 3dfx Voodoo 3 Tweak guide

3dfx Voodoo 3 Tweak guide
Updated on February 2, 2001 by Thomas McGuire Page 2/8


Registry settings

The only noteworthy registry setting available relates to the monitor timing method to be used. Click on Start, Run type in regedit & hit Enter. Search for instances of UseGTF (In Windows 9x/Me there should only be 1, in Windows 2000 there can be several instances of this setting).

Right click on this entry when found & select Modify. Right click on the UseGTF entry & select Modify. Enter a Value data of 1 to enable use of the General Timing Formula (GTF) if you have a fairly new monitor or set it to 0 to use Discreet Monitor Timing (DMT) if have an old monitor (old being defined as more than 2-3 years). This refers to the ability to change refresh rate in Windows.

Display settings

Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel. Open Display, then select the Settings tab, then the Advanced button. Here you will find tabs for the different 3dfx Tools. Each of the following sub sections will describe what can be done in each one.

3dfx Color

Select the 3dfx Color tab. Although you might not think it, if you adjust your brightness levels correctly you can improve visual quality a lot. You may be able to reduce the effect of colours/textures being too dark, or too washed out this way.

Here you can independently adjust the Gamma, Brightness & Contrast settings for Desktop, Direct3D, Glide/OpenGL & Video Overlay (E.g. Use with playback of movies with Windows Media Player or DVDís). Personally I have found that setting Contrast to -5, Brightness to 2 & Gamma to 1.00 to give me the best desktop display. Of course, you can always reference the Bitmap shown in top right to see the effect of changes you make.

In the Display Customization section you can try using the preset colour schemes or save ones which you have made, this may be useful for being able to quickly test out different schemes to see which looks better for you.

You should remember that changing the brightness settings is largely subjective so youíll have to play around with these settings until you find what you believe to be best.

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