Windows 9x/ME Customization Guide

Litestep additionally features the “wharf”. This useless feature is not included with Bluesteel, but can be added at will. The commands for the wharf are exactly the same as for the menu, but also specifying the image used. For instance

*Wharf “display properties” “c:\litestep\display.bmp” control.exe desk.cpl

Would show up a wharf entry with the display.bmp image, and would fire up display properties when clicked. There are also numerous other tools that can be put on the wharf such as a CPU monitor & different types of clocks; I will not go into them. Finally, if your theme includes skins for winamp and/or windowblinds (as Bluesteel does), it is suggested that you use those too.

This should be all you need to know to get litestep up & running to your basic tastes. If you have a question about entries in step.rc, or any other questions about Litestep, please ask in the forums rather than emailing me.


Your windows interface should now be more personal & customized for your needs. Windows 2000 & XP customization guides are planned for the near future.


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