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Graphics Settings (Continued)

Now open your Config file & Add/edit the following lines as appropriate:

cg_brassTime "x". x sets the amount of time that bullet casings stay visible, the default value is 1250. A setting of 0 disables these & will improve performance a little. Id recommend doing this for online play, unless you like to see spent ammo on the ground for no useful reason.

cg_drawCrosshair "x". A value of 0 for x will remove the crosshair, which will make aiming making more difficult. 1 (or greater) enables a crosshair (Of varying types). Leave this setting alone.

cg_drawCrosshairNames "x". Setting x to 1 will allow the name of the targeted person or item to appear. 0 will disable this. Its probably best to set this to 1, particularly in multiplayer games.

cg_drawGun "x". Set x to 1 to enable weapons to be shown on your screen. A setting of 0 will improve FPS but no weapon will be drawn. Visibility will improve a little with this but youll want to know what weapon you have. Id recommend leaving this set to 1.

cg_shadows "x". A setting of 0 disables shadows (recommended). 1 enables, basic, circular shadows. 2 will enable volumetric shadows (You must also set r_stencilbits "8"). Enabling shadows will reduce performance.

r_allowSoftwareGL "x". Set x to 1 to enable Software rendering of the Game. Obviously this should only be used for troubleshooting purposes only. Leave it set to 0 at all other times to use your Graphics Card instead.

r_clear "x". A value of 0 for x will fill cracks between textures, 1 makes these cracks visible. Should your system run acceptably fast then set this to 0 for best image quality.

r_detailtextures "x". A detail texture is a very small, fine pattern that is faded in as you approach a surface, for example wood grain, or imperfections in stone. Setting x to 1 will improve visual quality by enabling the use of detail textures, although it will cause a performance hit, particularly on older Graphics Cards. Set x to 0 to disable the use of detail textures for improved performance, although with reduced visual quality as a result.

r_displayRefresh "x". With vsync is enabled your monitor Refresh rate limits your maximum frame rate to whatever the Refresh rate is, e.g. With a monitor refresh rate of 60Hz, your maximum frame rate with vsync enabled in 60. As a result you should set x here to whatever the maximum refresh rate your monitor is capable of at the resolution you intend to use. Depending on your Monitor you may be able to set it to over 100, in which case Id recommend not setting it beyond this.

r_drawSun "x". A setting of 1 enables the Sun to be drawn. It wont improve performance much if set to 0 although it will add a little to lighting calculations in areas where the sun is visible.

r_dynamiclight "x". A setting of 1 will enable the dynamic lighting of maps, e.g. the light surrounding an explosion. Improve performance by setting this to 0, although visual quality will be reduced.

r_ext_compressed_textures "x". Set this to 0 to disable texture compression support (slower, but better visuals). This is only for S3TC texture compression so if you have an S3 card, are using the 5.xx nVidia drivers or have a Voodoo 3, 4 or 5 installed then you should set this to 1. Texture compression can vastly improve frame rates, although may cause some visual degradation in certain areas of the game.

r_ext_multitexture "x". Set x to 1 to enable the use Multi-texturing, this will provide optimal performance for your Graphics Card. 0 will disable this, which isnt recommended.

r_fastsky "x". A setting of 1 will remove the sky texture & portals wont be seen through. Id recommend leaving this set to 0 unless youre on a really slow system.

r_gamma "x". x controls the RGB colour intensity level. Increase the value of x to make the game appear brighter. The brighter the visuals the more washed out the textures will look (not quite the same as the brightness setting though) & vice versa.

r_ignorehwgamma "x". Set x to 1 to enable the game itself to set the gamma level to be used. Set it to 0 to disable any in-game gamma settings & use one set by the Graphics Card Driver instead. Setting it to 0 may make any brightness slider in the game menu ineffective.

r_lodbias "x". This controls the detail level of models. Increase the value to improve performance but reduce detail. Lower the value to increase visual quality but lower performance. 0 is the lowest it may be set. Id recommend leaving it at the default of 1. 2 is the least detailed but also the fastest.

r_nocull "x". Setting x to 0 enables the rendering of visible objects only. 1 renders all regardless which should reduce performance. I'd recommend setting this to 0.


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