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Graphics Settings (Continued)

r_nocurves "x". Set this to 1 to disable curves & vastly improve performance. You may notice visual faults in maps though as a result. Id recommend setting it to 0.

r_norefresh "x". Not a tweak as such although setting x to 1 will freeze the screen. Leave it set to 0 at all times. This is included here more as a warning than anything else.

r_overBrightBits "x". Default is 1. Increase this to make the game brighter. The brighter the visuals the more washed out the textures will look. Adjust this to suit your own needs. If you change this to 0, you should also change r_mapoverbrightbits to 0 as well.

r_picmip "x". A setting of 0 gives best image quality. Setting it higher (up to 4) may improve performance but reduce image quality. Id recommend leaving this at either 0 or 1.

r_smp x. Use a value of 1 to enable support for multiple processors in supported Operating Systems. In order to get the benefits from SMP, you must be running a SMP capable OS e.g. Windows 2000 & have an SMP capable Graphics Card driver combination. Leave this set to 0 unless you have such a system.

r_stencilbits "x". If you enabled Volumetric shadows previously, then youll want to set this to 8. NOTE Your Graphics Card must feature a stencil buffer to do this, e.g. Geforce.

r_subdivisions "x". Use this to set how complex (rounded) the curves will be in maps. A setting of 1 gives the most detailed (smooth) curves. A setting of 999 gives the least smooth curves but improved performance. You should play around with this value for yourself until you find a good balance between performance & detail.

r_swapInterval "x". This is the Castle Wolfenstein equivalent of vsync. Vsync effectively limits the frame rate to your current refresh rate at a given resolution. Performance can improve with vsync disabled (Frames are rendered as fast as they can be regardless of refresh rate), although you can experience image tearing &/or controller lag as a result. With vsync enabled you wont experience either image tearing nor controller lag, although frame rate will be limited to your refresh rate. As such Id recommend enabling vsync for best image quality & disabling it when you intend to benchmark system/game performance. Set x to 1 to enable vsync, while a setting of 0 will disable it.

r_textureMode "x". x controls the Texture filtering method to be used in Castle Wolfenstein. Options available being (From worst to best);





Setting it to GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR (Trilinear) will yield best image quality improved texture sharpness & reduced texture aliasing. Those with 3dfx Graphics Cards should set this to GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST (Bilinear) as they do not simultaneously support Trilinear Texture Filtering & Multi-texturing. Those with most modern Graphics Cards should be able to use GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR without much performance hit. Setting this to other options can improve performance, but will give increasingly worse image quality.

r_ignoreFastPath "1". When x is set to 1 Castle Wolfenstein will ignore any optimized rendering paths available which may be useful for troubleshooting purposes. For optimal performance set this to 0.

r_simpleMipMaps x. Leave this set to 1 to enable Mipmapping. This will smooth transitions between textures (more specifically, between Mip-map levels). Setting it to 0 may improve performance, although will reduce visual quality.

r_flares x. Set x to 1 to enable light flares in the Game, this allows effects such as light flares to occur. Setting it to 0 will improve performance.

r_lodCurveError "x". x (Default of 250) determines how polygons are culled from a scene when further away. When set to a low number, polygons are culled off at shorter distances, while when x is set to a higher number they are not culled for a long distance. For optimal image quality increase this value (Objects remain detailed for longer) & vice versa.

r_intensity x. x defines the overall RGB intensity, higher values will effectively increase brightness although textures will lose some of their quality.

r_ext_texture_env_add "x". When x is set to 1 additive blending is enabled in Multi-texturing. If not supported only multiplicative blending is used. Set this to 0 to disable this, you shouldnt have to do this however.

r_ext_compiled_vertex_array x. Setting this to 0 may fix a problem with flickering textures in the game. Ignore this setting if you experience no such artefacts & leave it set to 1.

r_ext_gamma_control "x". Set this to 1 to enable the gamma to be set via the graphics cards OpenGL driver rather than using the games settings. Set this to 0 to disable this feature. This is useful if you wish to set your gamma settings via a utility in the Windows Display Options menu.

r_allowExtensions x. This is the same as the Allow GL Extensions setting in the Graphics menu, leave it set to 1 (enabled).

r_inGameVideo "x". Setting x to 1 will enable in-game videos to be displayed. This may reduce performance in most machines, although if you have 128MB RAM or more you should be able to leave these enabled. Set x to 0 to disable in-game videos being displayed for optimal performance.

Make sure to take a look at the TNT/GeForce, Voodoo3, Voodoo4/5 or Kyro 1/2 Tweak guide for information on how to optimize the performance/visual quality of those cards. These may help you improve image quality/performance even further than Config tweaks can.


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