17 Years of Far Cry: From tech demo to successful video game franchise

Colonel Blimp

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Loved Far Cry1 but never got into FC2 at all, was so different.
3, 4 and 5 all quite similar.
However, reinstalled FC2 last year and played it through and really enjoyed it.
Would recommend those of you who hated it to give it another go.

Avro Arrow

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FarCry for me is a bizarre franchise that has a weird following. FarCry1 was great fun for its time, it was a huge world, a bit Just Cause like, it did feel large, and for me the water was oooh. Graphically it was nice, well to me.
But the end was just WTF no... I never went further as far as I remember. Ruined.

FarCry2 I remember hate for, maybe an issue with saves. Progression issues? But I skipped it.
FarCry3, decent enough again. 4 and Primal I skipped. Playing FC5 and I can't say I am a fan.
Like people have said, if you played 1, you have played them all.
Just surprised they have managed to make a franchise out of a game with a nonsense plot change.
Wait, you don't like that insane recorded message on phones from Hurk's dad who is "Running for State Senate"? I almost bust a gut laughing when I heard it!

Ubisoft Montreal has this way of sneaking Canadian Easter Eggs into their games. For that matter, Eidos Montreal did the same thing with the Deus Ex series.

Maybe it's because I'm Canadian, who knows?


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So much addicted to almost all FC installments.. And I loved New Dawn too, was a great return to county with lot of familiar places and characters. Give us Citra back!! ;-))