2200 Athlon xp detected as Duron

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Jan 3, 2004
  1. I had GA-7VAXP mobo which collapsed probably after Electric shock So I got a new Mobo + A new Power Supply. New Mobo is GA-7N400 PRO 2.
    The new system , Now Detects the cpu as DURON 1800 MHZ.; CPUID & CPUINFO as well...
    I checked the OPN on the CPU itself and it is ok. (AXDA2200DKV3C)
    Mobo came allready with up-to-date bios (F5), and all the Jumpers on the Mobo are set to be automated.
    In cpu settings in Cmos it is 133 MHZ (external speed).
    Still it says DURON 1800 MHZ. and CPU info says it has L1 =64KB \ L2 = 64 KB as well....
    What else can I do to make sure it is a CPU problem. (AMD answered me with 2 emails, saying BIOS... But I have nothing to change any more there)
    Could it be that the CPU got shock as well? That the cache worn out or something like that?
    Any suggestions?:eek:
  2. Rick

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    Typically, I would say update your BIOS. If it already has the latest BIOS, there's probably not a whole lot you can do than replace the board or CPU. I would just assume it is a defect with the board and will probably be fixed in the future.

    No, I don't think a zap or other mysterious damage would cause this problem and only this problem.

    If it really worries you, then I would do some CPU benchmarks and compare with other 2200 and Duron 1600 CPUs. See if the results differ.
  3. THEDude

    THEDude TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, I surely hope it is a defect in that Bios ver.
    Mobo is brand new so they (GIGABYTE) might still fix the BIOS.
    What Benchmarks would give me the best Comparison to other similar CpuS?
  4. JimShady23

    JimShady23 TS Maniac Posts: 373

    were did you get the cpu from ? I just set up a system with a GA-7N400 mobo and a xp 2500+ had no problems.....Where did you get the CPU from ? E-Bay or some other mysterious vedor ? What color is the CPU Chip ? You could possibly have gotten a switched sticker CPU from an untrusting source.....
  5. JimShady23

    JimShady23 TS Maniac Posts: 373

    Its just somthing to rule out cause there are some untrusting types out there.....I did a lil research on it too XP2200+ runs dead set at 1.8 ghz....and has a 256k cache....so 128x2
    The Duron however also runs at 1.8 ghz but has a 128k cache i beleive....64x2 they say 192K but if I can recall from past experiences it still brings it up at 64/2 in the bios.

    That is the thing that gets me wondering.....9/10 the internal lable so to speak on a CPU doesnt mess up infact out of about 100 pc I built using XP2200+ CPU's I never had an error like that...sure I had about 3 cpu that didnt just plain ol work but the 128K cache is what has me womdering. But it would be sheer stupidity for somone to change lables between the 2 since the price differance is about $10 on most sites.

    When you first boot your machine after installing a new cpu what does it do ? (on athlon xp cpu) It clocks it to a defualt 1100 mhz but it still displays the correct cpu type.....Even an out dated bios would not change the cpu type unless for instance you have a motherboard that was purchased a few months in pre release of a cpu that was not heard of at the time of the release of the motherboard in that instance a bios update by the manufacture would clear that up.....But your motherboard is an Nforce 2 chipset....No if's and's or butt's about it....It would reccgnize a 2200+ for sure with a 266fsb and a 256k cache especially since it was aimed at the 333/400 fsb 512k cache Barton core Athlon's so there is no question about the bios not supporting the cpu....

    However I may be jumping the gun thinking you got the cpu from a shady source and it could be just a bum CPU or motherboard bios entirerly.......I am just stating some facts from my own personal experience....
  6. THEDude

    THEDude TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks JimShady23:)
    My cpu was bought from A reliable Dealer, No doubt about it.
    Just to remind ; I had GA-7VAXP before the GA-7N400 PRO 2 (That got Electric shck and got a bit "fried")
    and there was no problem in there (I never checked it then with cpuid or cpuinfo cause I had no reason, It was properly detected by the system.) So i wouldn't go for the " shady source " case But either fried cpu , which I don't know if it can happen that only L1 & L2 are a bit fried, still left with 64kb each Or That Bios has Bug (either my specific one or the F5 ver) But U say it works very well with Barton, So I guess it is the cpu...
    Anyhow, I plan today to try another cpu on my system and to put my cpu in another system, then I'll might be wiser...(Or not):mad:
  7. JimShady23

    JimShady23 TS Maniac Posts: 373


    I was a lil tired last night when I made that post, but what I didnt mention was that I like giga-byte boards, and I use them tons for my customers for there user friendly interface. They however more than any other mobo brand I use need to be RMA'd I dont know what it is but they seem to be lapsing in quality control over at giga-byte. So the possibility you got a bad board is high. On the other hand when they run they run very well. I was just really concerned about your CPU cause to me that is REALLY REALLY strange for it to do that....Was it in your other mobo when it got fried ?

    If you RMA that board (concidering it's not the CPU) why not pay the extra cash for the GA-7NNXP ? It is a lot more, but has every feature that you will ever need on a mobo. Plus has an excellant overclocking array in the Bios. I LOVE THAT BOARD LoL....I know that the GA-7N400 Pro is kinda the low end of the spectrum board.

    Just a suggestion so you arnt kicking yourself a year down the road. But then again a year down the road the 7NNXP will prolly be $75 too LoL
  8. THEDude

    THEDude TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes It was
    Once again, When I had GA-7VAXP based system, The system probably got an elctrical shock, And The Power supply (Hec - 300W ART) died + The IDE Controller of the Mobo + Probably (Unknown yet) The CPU cache.
    B4 I decided to go 4 the 7n400 Pro 2 (It Is PRO 2 and not PRO like u wrote) I looked in both comparison sheet and discovered that the main features That interest me are the same. The one who are different Do not interest me (Audio \ Lan \ Firewire speed) since it is A DAW only (And the difference in $ is somwhere between 50-70:confused: )
    On the other hand, I am interested in Upgrading the CPU (In case his cache has been fried) into BARTON 2500. Cpu is still Under Warranty so maybe Ill be able to do that with some xtra $
  9. JimShady23

    JimShady23 TS Maniac Posts: 373

    not to mention the 7NNXP also features IDE Raid and SATA RAID.....A combination not found on most Socket A boards now a days.....RAID is certainly a good option to have on a board since it will increase driver performance up to 50% and the combination of both SATA and IDE RAID channals gives you flexibility
  10. THEDude

    THEDude TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sorry mate But I guess U haven't done your homework Properly:confused:
    GA-7N400 PRO 2 Does Have Raid and SATA as can be seen here
    I guess U probably Meant the GA-7N400 L1 or similar since even the 7N400 PRO (not PRO 2 ) does have SATA + RAID....
    Maybe If u visit that Gigabyte url I gave U can have a look on Comparison Sheets Of 7NNXP vs. 7N400 PRO 2 and see the small differences 4 urself :grinthumb
  11. JimShady23

    JimShady23 TS Maniac Posts: 373

    Sorry dude, I conceived the GA-7N400 Pro2 as just a new rendition of the GA-7N400 wich is a buget board, this board is totally differant. It looks as though it should be a really solid board man, most of the time they add the "Pro" subtitle to another board to show it is a revised addition or just has another option such as a better sound chip. This board has it all I like it. It is basically a 7NNXP without DPS....I like the 10/100/100 NIC too that is a nice feature you dont see on many socket A boards.

    With the 4 DIMM slots I wonder if you can take more of an advantage of Dual Channal Memory....On most boards with Just 3 DIMM slots performance from dual channal is hindered when you install the 3rd DIMM I wonder if having 4 DIMM slots would be dual-dual channal so to speak or if it is just a marketing skeem ...?
  12. THEDude

    THEDude TS Rookie Topic Starter

    That's Allright Mate...:) U learn something everyday... (oops Cliche)
    Anyhow, According to theGA-7N400 PRO 2 MANUAL
    As far as I understood from the Table they show On the Manual, (figure 1 page.23) It is possible to have double Dual Channel Tech... When Ill have 2 more Dimms Ill try it:p
  13. THEDude

    THEDude TS Rookie Topic Starter

    back to the Topic of the thread - Final conclusion

    Replacing the CPU in my system clarified That The CPU's cache actually got fried and went down from 256 Kb into 64 kb !!! (L2 only).
    I replaced it and put XP 2500 + (Barton) and it is being easily detected By the system \ cpuinfo \ CPUID \ AIDA32 and the rest of sysinfo's.
    So just to sum it up, I guess it all happend due to lack of UPS or at least a simple Voltage Stabilizer ; Power supply + Mobo got fried + Cpu cache Went on extreme diet....:(
    AMD technical service (by E-mail) Failed to detect the cpu's Failure , Insisting on the fact that it "must" be The Bios, Not even suggesting that there might be a problem with the cpu even though I wrote TWICE to them claiming that Bios is Brand new & up-to-date and the system has no problem with the cpu's speed (as it can be sometimes when installing a new Mobo or cpu) but with Identifying Athlon as A Duron (after an Electrical shock and after replacing the PS & MOBO) - fact that Should have turned on their red light (at least saying "cache" Like other people suggested...)
    Personally I think it is very Unprofessional of them to do so and they'll surely get my complaint E-mail for that.
    So again, Thank u all for your help :):grinthumb
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