3 questions about fixing micro sd cards errors.

By Piratekitty
May 2, 2013
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  1. I was pre-testing a card that I got from china to see if it was what I ordered before trying to sell the rest of the cards on ebay, the card said it was 64 gigs (Fat32) when I looked at it on my windows 7 PC.

    Next I put a song on it and it seemed to be working ok and then I tried for format the card.
    While it was Formating it went to (Default exFAT) 64 gigs but I knew my MP3 player will not be able to handle exFAT so I tried to use a tool to change its format back to (Fat32).

    After clicking format I saw that it was taking a vary long time to format but then I saw I did not check quick format so I hit stop and nothing happened. so I hit X on the tool and still nothing happened..

    so I clicked ctrl-alt-exit and made it stop that way.. but after that it then said the card needs to be formated so I tried to format it back to (Default exFAT) but befor clicking format it now only says it will format to 8 gigs and not 64 gigs o.O.. so I was thinking maybe that is just a error and will be fixed after clicking format.

    so I clcik format and it gives me a error...it says (Windows was unable to complete the format)

    so how do I get it to format back to 64 gigs and back to Fat32?

    And here is my 2nd question..

    a month ago I sold a guy 1 of my cards on ebay..now he is saying this..

    Dear Piratekitty,

    When I installed the card in my Clip+ it gaves errors when trying to copy music to it and when I tested it with H2test2. I formatted the card as FAT32 and now it shows as 511MB capacity. I've tried reformatting it several times with the same results with Windows 7 and SDFormatter .

    I tried it in a Cowon J3 with the same results.

    Please tell me how to access the full 64GB on this card or replace this card with a real 64GB card that works.


    3rd question is.

    .is subject #2 all my falt? before selling the items I put "how to Instructions in the items I am selling on ebay and my question is what if my how to instructions are making my buyers have have

    Can you read my instructions and tell me if it is causing errors for my ebay buyers?

    Important Notice Please Read
    • By default the cards format is exFAT & not all items can read exFAT format.
    • If your item can not read exFAT format you will get a error but you can fix this by changing the cards format.
    Q: What to do if you need to change your cards format?
    1. First check to see what kind of format your device can read.
    2. Next google how to change the format of exFAT to the format that your device can handle.
    3. there are a lot of websites out there with step by step methods.
    4. After that follow the steps that the website tells you, I perfer watching how to videos on youtube.
    5. And finaly when your done if you still find that your geting a error please let me know & I will help you ASAP.
    Notes about formating
    • When you want to delete everything I sugest doing so with the file formater the website in step 2 gives you.
    • If you dont you will end up changing your fixed format back to the cards (Default exFAT).
    • I found everything I told you out when my mp3 player only worked with FAT32 & not exFAT
    • So I looked on youtube & found
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,173   +989

    Rule number one:- if it isn't broken then don't fix it.

    The issue here is windows will not format Fat32 above 32gb, so invoking the formatter when all you needed was to delete the file was a major mistake.

    Personally, your online handle Piratekitty and the fact that you are reselling on the net bothers me. I've pointed you in the right direction this time, but will not respond in the future to your postings.
  3. Piratekitty

    Piratekitty TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 34

    All im doing is what everyone els is doing on ebay, buying from china wholesale departments and then selling them on ebay.

    it is what everyone on ebay dose allmost, and it is what Walmart dose lol..
  4. Piratekitty

    Piratekitty TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 34

    last month the cards got in the mail form china's wholesale department was exFAt and nothing was working with exFAt.. no mp3 players or cam was working with exFAt so I decided to change its format to someting that did work with one of my mp3 players, and that somthing was Fat32 and since I thout that was soemhting that was going to fix evrything I told evryone els to change theres to fat32 if there cards did not work with there Mp3's...

    After that some people started to conplain about there cards showing up as 8 MB affetr doing so and now I am just trying to help fix them.

    This month the cards I got from the china's wholesale department came to me as Fat32 bc I told the manufacturer to send me them as Fat32 and they did, but now as I said before it messed up so now I have make it where my invotory dose not mess up on my buyers before selling the items to them this month.

    and my name use to be Lonewolf in the game of FFXI, after that I joind world of warcraft and changed my name to Lonekitty becouse in wow I had a hunter with a pet kitty, and later on I changed my name to Piratekitty bc a Pirates day event came up and I fell in love with Pirates in world of warcraft. :D

    That is why my name is now Piratekitty. you have a problem with people wanting to play MMORPG games roleplaying as a pirate with a pet kitty while shooting Giant boss's with a crossbow?

    anyways.. what you told me did not fix the fact that china sent my invotory to me as Fat32 and now I am sure fat32 is bad for 64 gig cards but what can I do about it?

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