3D packaging through TSV (Through Silicon Via)

By seeanemone
Oct 22, 2013
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  1. Dear Community!

    Me and my team of fellow students at Vienna University of Economics and Business are working on a university project that focuses on finding new application fields for 3D packaging with TSV (Through Silicon Via). Mainly, we concentrate on imaging sensors using the TSV technology.Our goal is to evaluate further fields of application for this technology in order to bring a high value to a broad range of people and make this existing technology applicable for other markets as well.

    The following five questions are most important for our project:

    1.) What are the core benefits of the TSV technology and which problems can be solved?

    2.) Which other competing solutions/technologies do u know that can be used for sililar purposes?

    3.) Would you use the new TSV technology instead of the existing alternatives? If yes, why?

    4.) Do you have any other ideas in what fields/application areas this technology could be relevant as well?

    Thank you for your help!

    The Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology replaces the edge wiring by creating
    vertical conduction channels through the chip itself. The signal is then transmitted from the front to the back side, where it is collected and no extra chip surface is required for the wire pads. The overall volume occupied by one chip is then significantly reduced and multi-chip systems can be created for large surface applications.


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